The solubility of Ozone depends on the water temperature and the Ozone concentration in the gas phase:

O3 GAS 5 o C 10 o C 15 o C 20 o C
1.5% 11.09 9.75 8.40 6.43
2% 14.79 13.00 11.19 8.57
3% 22.18 19.50 16.79 12.86

If oxidable chemicals are present in the water, larger amounts of Ozone will dissolve to satisfy the demand. One limiting factor is the efficiency of the mass transfer device used. When using Venturi more turbulence and smaller bubbles facilitate better mass transfer. When using Bubble Diffusers, the water column should be at least 16 ft. high. Higher concentrations of Ozone in water cause more vigorous oxidation of even more resistant organic compounds.