Ozone is being used in many full-scale water treatment systems for fish hatcheries, fish farms, ponds, aquariums, aquatic centers at the ZOO. In all these cases chlorine has been eliminated while the water quality and animal health has greatly improved. . Some examples of the types of AZCO systems in use:

1. Single pass water treatments where the source is a well, lake, river or salt water.

2. Closed loop systems where the makeup water is any of the above, and where ozone is used for: a) flocculation followed by filtration b) foam fractionation followed by a sludge removal system d) ozone supported bio-filters

4. Combinations of the above.

There are hardly two identical aquaculture operations in the world. AZCO's engineers are ready to review and utilize your existing equipment (such as aeration towers, pumps, filters and buildings) to be fitted for the new purpose. We look forward to hearing from you and your unique system parameters.