In all fish, poultry and red meat processing industries the problem of keeping things clean represents one of the biggest challenges. Frequent use of water to rinse and remove dirt and debris from the product, the work stations, floors, and walls is essential. Yet, most water supplies are contaminated, or treated with chlorine. Unfortunately, chlorine also reacts with the meat, forming highly toxic and carcinogen compounds called THMs or Tri-Halomethanes. The color of the meat surface may also be degraded by chlorine, potentially rendering a lesser quality product. This is especially concerning when the rinse water stays in pockets inside the meat product.

Ozone comes closest to the ideal solution. Ozone has been used in this application for almost a hundred years. For decades, chlorine seemed to be a cheaper alternative. Only about two decades ago, massive research into the byproducts of chlorine alerted the scientific world. It has been concluded that chlorine should ideally be eliminated not only from drinking water purification systems, but also from any application where organic materials are involved, and in the food processing industry in particular.


  • Ozone is a tri-atomic oxygen molecule which loses one oxygen atom in the oxidation process to become a normal oxygen molecule. Oxygen is not toxic and it does not form toxic substances. Any excess of ozone breaks down into oxygen.
  • Ozone is by far more effective than chlorine as an oxidant and it does this at a concentration 1/10 of that required by chlorine.
  • Ozone has a short reaction time and requires a shorter contact time.
  • Ozone can be generated onsite from air and electricity, as a result the need for transporting and storing hazardous chemicals is eliminated.
  • The correct ozone level can be maintained electronically; there is no need for the manual preparation of washing solutions.

Each system is customized to the specific flow and needs of each specific operation and we look forward to working with your engineers in providing a solution to all of your meat processing needs.