Many years ago AZCO pioneered a full-scale wastewater recovery system for greenhouses. Ozone not only cleans the water it also increased levels of oxygen which is desirable.

There are hardly two identical horticulture operations in the world. AZCO engineers are ready to review and utilize your existing equipment (such as aeration tanks, pumps, filters and buildings), to be fitted for the new purpose, or to design a brand new system. In order to do so most efficiently, please answer the attached Greenhouse Questionnaire. Your answers will be kept in strict confidence.

The water treatment systems are engineered for fully automatic and worry-free operation. Many features are included to prevent ozone overdose achieving no overdose risk even if a part of the system were to fail. The risk of insufficient water treatment is minimized by the modularity of the system; where there is always at least one spare module. An alarm system will provide information about what needs to be done to rectify a failure of any kind.

The ozone generators must be installed in a well ventilated and dust-free room. In most cases only a few square feet of floor space are needed. Detailed instructions for installation and operation will be provided after the system is specified and ordered. The systems are fully automatic and easy to operate and maintain. The overall warranty is for three years excluding the pumps where the original factory warranty is usually on year.

The wastewater recovery system incorporates two storage tanks, typically 100m3 each. AZCO's controller will treat one tank which is being supplied with the water returning from the greenhouse. The second tank serves as the recycled water supply. Typically, 50% of the plant food is recovered. When the treatment of the first tank is completed, water is left to sit for a few hours until all residual ozone is reduced to oxygen. Then the tanks are switched automatically. The second tank now collects and treats water from the greenhouse while the first tank supplies water to the plants.

All of the wastewater is recovered, there is no discharge of any kind. The water savings range between 20% to 90% depending on the greenhouse operation and the season.

Complete systems for makeup water treatment are also available, engineered to fit any size of operation. The slightest amounts of iron, manganese, bacteria, organics or other oxidable materials will plug the capillaries in the hydroponic water distribution. Chlorination is not an option because it forms very toxic chloro-organic compounds known as THMs. De-chlorination is not completely effective for removing the THMs, and subsequent discharge into the soil would ultimately lead to contamination of the ground water. In recirculation systems, the THMs would accumulate and poison the plants.

AZCOZON systems for makeup water are totally nontoxic and the only byproduct created is oxygen. Based on your water analysis, AZCO will propose the proper ozonation system size including the filters, contact tanks and biofiltration, if necessary. We make our comprehensive calculation is simple enough to understand so as to demonstrate that AZCO applies only the most economical and reliable solution to the water problem.


1. All water is recycled, sewer charges are virtually eliminated. Only in the case of elevated salt content due to extensive evaporation, a blow down may be required, usually only after many months of operation.
2. Up to 50% of otherwise lost nutrition is recovered and returned back to the feed operation system.
3. The makeup water demand is greatly reduced.

Please feel free to ask our representatives for details.