Thanks to modular philosophy employed by AZCO INDUSTRIES LTD we can tailor a solution for any system out there. Integration into any system is a matter of will not ability.

Years ago, the chromate/zinc inhibitor was one of the best inhibitors on the market to protect metal surfaces from corrosion in a cooling tower. Today, ozone is attaining the same recognition by providing the same or better corrosion protection. Ozone provides a protective oxide coating on the metal surfaces within the condenser loop.

Ozone reduces operating costs by:
  • Reducing makeup water to the cooling tower by permitting more cycles between blowdowns.
  • Eliminating the cost and problems in ordering, shipping, handling, storage, and disposal of regular chemicals.
  • Reducing power consumption by keeping the chiller heat transfer efficiency high through cleaner condenser tubes.

Ozone systems must be sized individually for a given system and application. Please contact our engineering support team for more information.