Azcozon equipment is suitable for hundreds of varied applications in the treatment of water and air. Our systems utilize the most natural, effective, economical, and environment friendly method of purification. Our ozone systems can be used to treat water from the most basic, compliance with discharge regulations, to the most stringent, potable drinking water. Click on APPLICATIONS to view just a small sample of ozone applications. Users of our ozone generators are constantly coming up with new applications for our generators.

Azco Industries Limited has earned its reputation in the research & development and manufacture of unique, pulse injected, corona discharge ozone generators. We also design and manufacture many associated items (often required) such as air dryers, controllers, mixing tanks, and accessories.

Characteristics of AZCO Products

  • Reliability, our products come with a three year warranty.
  • Highly Competitive Pricing for generators ranging between 0.1 g/hr to 2 kg/hr ozone(105 lb./day)per unit.
  • Professional Engineering in, quality of Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Control.
  • Decade long life-spans.
  • Modular sizing (you pay only for what you need), easy installation and access.
  • Ability to interface with most hardware, process, or communication system (custom built).
  • Compact and space efficient designs
  • High energy efficiency, thus low energy consumption.
  • Large stock is maintained for prompt delivery.

If you cannot find a system that suits your needs, we have the manufacturing capability to design and produce custom units